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Commercial - Chemical Solutions

Office & Janitorial Maintenance

Saf Blue - Perfumed disinfectant cleaner - lavender
Saf Bowl - Anti-bacterial toilet bowl/urinal cleaner
Saf Rex – Alkaline disinfectant cleaner
Saf Industrial - General purpose cleaner
Saf Glass - Glass and window cleaner
Saf Swish - Deodorising maintenance cleaner
Saf Trio - Odour masking cleaner/disinfectant
Saf Citrus - General purpose citrus based cleaner


Saf Bleach - Stain remover fabric bleaching product
Saf Industrial Fabric Softener – Fabric Softener for industrial applications
Saf Laundry Power – Heavy duty laundry liquid formulated to remove industrial grease and oil from clothing.
Saf Liquid Laundry - Liquid laundry detergent
Saf Wash - Concentrated low foam washing powder

Vehicle Care Products
Professional and effective vehicle care is essential for almost every company – At Safic we offer a comprehensive range of specialized products to easily take care of your vehicles.

Saf Auto Wash - High foam cleaner/degreaser
Saf Car - Car wash and wax
Saf Dash - Silicone dashboard and vinyl cleaner and protector
Saf EA Acid Neutraliser - Acid neutraliser/battery cleaner
Saf Freeze - Anti-corrosion/anti-freeze coolant additive
Saf Fresh Cherry - Air sanitiser and deodoriser
Saf Fresh Lavender - Air sanitiser and deodoriser
Saf Glass - Window and chrome cleaner
Saf Tyre - Water based, acrylic tyre paint/protector
Saf Tyre Gloss - Silicon-based tyre gloss protector
Saf Extract - Low foam carpet extractor detergent
Saf Mat – Upholstery Cleaner

Ecosaf Range – Biological Products

Ecosaf Control
Ecosaf Gen
Ecosaf Lav


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