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Water Treatment Solutions

A Sustainable Future

Water is life. People rely on water every day for their existence. However, the water we have on Earth is limited and the amount of water that is fit for human consumption is reducing due to many wasteful or polluting practices. The availability of freshwater is one of the greatest risks to the global economy.

ION Exchange (India) () pioneered water treatment in India and is today the premier company in water and environment management in India, with a strong international presence. Leveraging Ion Exchange’s 50 years of expertise in water and environment management, Ion Exchange Safic can provide customised solutions with optimal and appropriate technologies for water and environmental challenges.

Project Management
ION Exchange Safic’s project management capabilities range from basic process packages to complete process engineering design and construction for total turnkey projects. They include:

Conceptual Design & Engineering
Design Calculations and Drawings
Operating Philosophies
Equipment Selection and Sizing
Detailed Drawings for Construction

Water/Process Treatment Chemicals

ION Exchange Safic (Pty) Ltd has a broad range of treatment chemicals and expert advice for any water treatment application & various selective process applications and offers the most cost effective solution to our clients. These products include:

Boiler Chemicals: Oxygen Scavengers, Sludge Conditioners, condensate line treatment, pH boosters, Fireside chemicals
Cooling Water & Chilled water Chemicals: Biocides, Antiscalants, Dispersants, Descalants and Corrosion Inhibitors
Filtration chemicals: Membrane Antiscalants, biocides, preservatives & cleaners M ulti Effect Distillation/Multi-Stage Flash evaporator/Multi-Effect Evaporator Antiscalants & antifoam, Resin Cleaners
Solid-Liquid Separation polyelectrolytes: Anionic and Cationic polyelectrolytes (coagulants & flocculants) for water, wastewater & selective process treatment application available in powder, liquids & emulsions
Paper process chemicals: Various Pulp & Paper process chemicals for Optical care, Scale control, Sizing control, Stickies control, Slime control, Strength improvers
Sugar Process Chemicals: Mill sanitation chemicals, Evaporator Antiscalants, Viscosity Modifiers, Floatation agent, Flocculants, Colour Precipitants, Enzymes
Test Kits: For all major water quality testing & residuals of water treatment chemicals, microbiological analysis of water, food beverages and pharmaceuticals.

Water Treatment Equipment

ION Exchange Safic has a the full range and state of the art water treatment equipment available to be able to offer integrated, cost effective solutions with single source responsibility. These include:

Water Treatment: Filters, Clarifiers, Membrane Separation Systems, Desalination Systems, Softeners, Ion Exchangers, Chemical Dosers, Condensate Polishers, Deaerators, Degassers, Dealkalisers, Electro chlorinators.
Non-water ION Exchange: Purification of glucose, dextrose, sorbitol, vitamin C and recovery of tartaric acid. Also, catalyst pharmaceutical grade resins.
Waste water treatment systems: Aerators, Clarifiers, Dosing Systems, Filters, Contact Stabilization Units, Activated Carbon Systems, Bio discs and anaerobic system.
Sewage treatment: Package sewage treatment plants
Selectively Adapted Bacterial: In effluent treatment for removal of cyanide, Cultures phenols, oil and grease and increased efficiencies of BOD removal.
Oil Removal Systems: Coalescents, Drum Skimmers, Polymers, Activated Carbon Filters.
Boiler Water Chemicals: Corrosion Inhibitors, Sludge Conditioners.
Fluoride Removal Units: For potable water and effluent disposal.
Iron Removal Units: For industrial and potable water.
Water Purifiers: Tumblers, Filter and Municipal Tap Attachments, on-line attachments.
Water Quality Monitoring: pH/REDOX, conductivity and dissolved oxygen instruments

Support Services

These include:

Total Water Management Consultancy
Research and Development
Treatability and Pilot Plant Studies
Operator Training
Plant and Process Audits
Upgrading and modernisation
ISO 14000 Training and Consultancy

Contact Details

Contact person: Gourish Chakravorty
Tel: +27 11 406 4060

For more detailed information, please visit these websites:

ION Exchange Safic
ION Exchange India

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